Photo contest to record the distinctive mark of Tet 2021

The photo contest is an opportunity for everyone to share joyful moments together with their families preparing to welcome the New Year of the Ox.

“New Year’s reunion in a unique way” is a photo contest held on with the desire to spread special moments and stories in the Tet atmosphere of each family, each individual.

This spring year is somewhat different from the years before the Covid-19 translation, which is having complicated developments in many provinces across the country. Foreigners cannot return to their homeland to celebrate the traditional New Year. Even in the country, people who work or go to school far from their hometown cannot even celebrate the New Year with their families because of isolation or separation. Many houses will not be warm and full at the end of the year when relatives are having to celebrate Tet alone in a far distance, or are busy with the front line of anti-epidemic diseases.

The contest can be an image or an article about the atmosphere to welcome the spring festival of Tan Suu.

Therefore, the photo contest “New Year’s Reunion in your own way” is held with the desire to open up a space where people can share stories and images about the spring atmosphere of themselves and their family. family in this special new year.

Through the images sent by readers from all parts of the country, the contest aims to cheer up the spirits of expatriates, doctors, doctors, staff, and anti-epidemic front lines. At the same time, uphold the spirit of optimism, welcome a happy and safe Tet in spite of facing the most difficult circumstances.

Readers of Star can submit entries from February 8 to March 7. Contest works can be articles, illustrations of simple activities on Tet days such as: the atmosphere gathering in the year-end tray, the whole family cleaning the house, cooking … But the most important special thing is to show the uniqueness and “unique” of this Tet season.

After the evaluation round, the contest will select 8 best entries to award 4 first prizes and 4 second prizes, with the reward of healthy care and healthyCook.

Not only that, each participating entry will also correspond to a gift given to those with difficult circumstances when the new year is approaching.

Pham An


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