Philippines: He thought it was a plastic animal – tourist attacked by crocodile

Cagayan de Oro – In an amusement park in the Philippines, a tourist was attacked by a crocodile while trying to take a selfie. The man had thought the animal was a lifelike plastic model – but the crocodile was real …

Nehemias Chipada celebrated his 68th birthday on November 10th with his family in Amaya View Park in Cagayan de Oro when he discovered the supposed plastic crocodile in a pool of water. He climbed in and put his arm in the reptile’s mouth to take a selfie.

What followed were pictures that are not suitable for a photo album: the crocodile bit into Chipada’s left arm and dragged him into the water in front of his family.

The 68-year-old managed to break free and run away. He was restored to hospital with broken bones and eight wounds on his arm and thigh.

Nehemias Chipada suffered bite wounds and broken bones in the attackPhoto: ViralPress

The family accused the amusement park of failing to put up warning signs after the attack. The operators denied this, but agreed to cover the costs of Chipada’s treatment.

Candy Unabia from the board of directors of Amaya View Park: “We deny the claim that we acted negligently. They said they thought the crocodile was also artificial, but this area is closed. There are signs and constant warnings from our tour guides. ”The customer review has been automatically translated from German.


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