Philharmonic auction private concerts: musical a (u) ction

Bremen – A great a (u) ction for the climate!

How about a personal concert in the museum, a private concert in the garden or a special birthday song …

Priceless? Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that!

From this Sunday (February 21st) onwards, interested parties can place bids online or by phone for exactly this purpose.

With this auction, the Bremen Philharmonic want to raise money for climate protection.

Some musicians also give insights into their non-musical interests in the auction. The horn player Peter Schmidt, as a certified beekeeper, offers an excursion into the world of bees and solo horn player Matthias Berkel gives tips on baking bread, as the drummer and co-initiator of Aktion Rose Eickelberg said.

The proceeds of the roughly four-week auction will go to the non-profit organization Orchester des Wandels, which supports climate protection projects.

In addition to the Bremen Philharmonic, which is a founding member, numerous professional orchestras such as the Staatskapelle Berlin, the Staatsorchester Braunschweig, the Beethoven Orchester Bonn and the Frankfurt Opera and Museum Orchestra belong to the Orchestra of Change.

Since concerts in favor of climate protection are not possible due to the corona pandemic, musicians from the Bremen Philharmonic got the idea of ​​raising money through an auction. “This is only available in Bremen for the time being. Maybe a few others will get on, ”said Eickelberg.

An orchestra pays at least 1000 euros per year as a membership fee and thus supports climate protection projects such as the reforestation of the rainforest in Madagascar, where many tonewoods grow that are necessary for making instruments.

The Bremen Philharmonic wanted to bring in the membership fee for 2020 with a concert, but that was canceled due to the pandemic. Now the musicians hope to collect this amount through the auction.

“I’m curious. We go in there totally openly, ”said Eickelberg. The offers are organized in Bremen and within a radius of around 20 kilometers, appointments can be arranged individually.

In addition to the goal of collecting money for climate protection, the campaign should attract attention. “For me, the auction is also an opportunity to give a sign of life,” says the drummer, who like all members of the Bremen Philharmonic is currently on short-time work.

“It’s not easy to keep in touch with one another with such a large ensemble,” she said. She worries about the industry. Nobody knows when concerts will be possible again.


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