PFL MMA, the martial arts tournament with the world’s only ranking mechanism in MMA

PFL MMA, a mixed martial arts tournament shown on FPT Play platforms, is the only system currently organized according to the ranking and elimination model instead of freestyle matches. This particular model has quickly helped PFL rise to become one of the biggest leagues in the world in less than 4 years of its founding.

In MMA tournaments like Bellator MMA, UFC or ONE Championship… the arrangement of matches is completely dependent on the subjectivity of the match maker. That is, if the matchmaker is lucky to pay attention to any boxer, that boxer has a better chance to compete.

In professional competition, boxers only have income when fighting. However, the costs of training to maintain skills, qualifications or convalescence costs during the preparation period must be paid by most boxers. Therefore, if they do not know the competition plan, the boxers will have to live very hard.

PFL MMA has addressed this worry of fighters with their unique model when for the first time split the tournament into the PFL Challenger Series and PFL Championship.

PFL Challenger Series 2022 – Quality boxers selection form

The PFL MMA tournament’s massive rewards and ranking model has resonated greatly with the boxer world. After only nearly 4 years of broadcasting, the number of offers to compete for PFL MMA has increased rapidly. This motivates the managers at PFL to decide to expand their activities. And in this 2022, PFL MMA will be divided into 2 phases.

The first stage is the selection round called PFL Challenger Series. 56 fighters will register for an extremely rigorous selection process, in 6 weight classes. The reward for the winners of the PFL Challenger Series is an official contract to compete in the qualifying round at the PFL Championship 2022.

The matches at the PFL Challenger Series have also created attraction for fans (Image source: PFL)

In the second phase, the PFL Championship, qualified boxers will compete in the scoring competition. Boxers who pass the PFL Championship scoring round will advance to the knockout round finals to win the championships of each weight class.

PFL MMA, the martial arts tournament with the world's only ranking mechanism - 2

All fighters present at this year’s PFL Challenger Series are aiming for a ticket to the PFL Championship (Image source: PFL)

It can be said that the PFL Challenger Series is the place to give life-changing opportunities to talented boxers but have not had the opportunity to shine.

Prestigious PFL Championship Rankings

This year’s PFL MMA system will continue to use the ranking system at the PFL Championship. Boxers will receive 3 points for winning, 1 point for drawing and no points for losing the match. At the end of the regular season, the top 4 fighters of each weight division will continue to compete to find the champion of the season.

PFL MMA, the martial arts tournament with the world's only ranking mechanism - 3

Participating in the PFL Championship will bring a huge life-changing opportunity for boxers (Image source: PFL)

And to encourage boxers to compete more passionately, the PFL Championship also has a plus point mechanism. If you win by locking or knocking out in the 3rd round, the boxer gets 1 extra point. If you win by locking or knocking out in the 2nd round, the boxer gets 2 extra points. If you win right in the first round, that boxer will get an extra 3 points.

Thanks to this unique bonus factor, sometimes good boxers, but playing too safely, can still be eliminated from the championship race early. During the first event period, the PFL even achieved a 65% early finish ratio, an impressive number that every league coveted.

PFL MMA, the martial arts tournament with the world's only ranking mechanism - 4

Lock is always a move that PFL MMA encourages boxers to use (Image source: PFL)

The total prize value of the PFL MMA system for boxers is still 6 million USD, divided equally among 6 different weight classes. It’s going to be a busy year for the PFL owners and for the fans themselves.

PFL Challenger Series 2022 and PFL Championship will be broadcast live on FPT Play system from February 26. The audience will be satisfied with hundreds of unique fighting martial arts matches in the 2022 season of the PFL MMA system at:

PFL MMA, the martial arts tournament with the world's only ranking mechanism - 5

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