Pfizer delivers first cans – US marshals guard vaccine trucks

Michigan – The people of the United States have been waiting for this historic moment for so long. Finally he is here! The first trucks with corona vaccine left the Pfizer plant in Michigan today. The precious cargo was escorted by US marshals.

A video shows several trucks leaving the yard of the Pfizer manufacturing facility in Portage, Michigan. A heavy Ford SUV accompanies the trucks, driving slowly in front of them. Marshals sit inside guarding the coveted delivery.

The officers of the traditional US Marshals Service are actually responsible for the transport of prisoners, arrests, witness protection and the guarding of high-ranking personalities. Now your services are also needed in the fight against Corona.

Historic moment

“This is a historic moment,” commented an excited journalist on the scene. And further: “It is the moment so many Americans have been waiting for after this devastating year.”

People on the roadside cheered and clapped as the XXL trucks turned into the streetPhoto: AFP

When the extra-long trucks turn onto the road, people cheer for them from the side of the road and applaud enthusiastically. According to the US media, there are 184,275 vaccine vials in 189 transport boxes on the truck. Enough to vaccinate over 900,000 people.

The logistics giants UPS and FedEx are responsible for ensuring that the vaccination should arrive at 145 distribution centers in all 50 states tomorrow.

For this purpose, the vaccine was loaded onto cargo planes at the Gerald R. Ford airport and flown from there across the country. A total of 2.9 million doses of the vaccine should be delivered by the end of the week.

The valuable cargo was loaded onto a cargo plane at the Gerald R. Ford Airport in Grand Rapids

The valuable cargo was loaded onto a cargo plane at the Gerald R. Ford Airport in Grand RapidsPhoto: GETTY IMAGES NORTH AMERICA

The USA is particularly badly affected by the corona pandemic. According to information from Johns Hopkins University, almost 300,000 people have already died there from the virus. More than 16 million Americans have contracted Corona.

The vaccine was developed together with the Mainz company Biontech. American authorities only issued emergency approval on Friday.

Before long, vaccination could save hundreds of thousands of lives.


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