Peter R. de Vries († 64): Children of the police reporter say goodbye to goose bumps

Peter R. de Vries († 64) died on Thursday as a result of a cowardly murder attack. The Dutch police reporter had been shot nine days earlier by an alleged mafia contract killer.

The police have now arrested suspects. Little consolation for the journalist’s family. Royce de Vries, the 64-year-old’s son, has now published an obituary notice on the network that shows how deep the grief is.

In Dutch you can read: “A fearless and combative life on the barricades of right and wrong has come to an end …” In addition, a black and white photo of the victim and under his name as the most important characteristics of the deceased:

▶ Father of Kelly and Royce

▶ Police reporter

▶ Loving husband and grandfather

Even police officers lay flowers at the site of the attack for Peter R. de VriesPhoto: imago images / ANP

The loving words with which the children say goodbye to Peter R. de Vries show how close the bond was between father and the bereaved. He was “the most fantastic father anyone could ask for”.

He taught the children an important motto in life: “Stay who you are. Keep your back straight when necessary, stand up for the weaker, say honestly what you think and listen to your sense of justice. And pass this knowledge on to your children. Then everything will be fine.”

And then a sentence that gives you goose bumps and gives hope: “Dad, everything will be fine!”

The obituary notice is signed by Kelly and Zoe, Jacqueline, Royce, Amanda and Fender.

It is not yet known when the funeral will take place. But: “Everyone to whom Peter meant something is invited to say goodbye to him.” Where and when will be announced at a later date.

Peter R. de Vries had always refused police protection

Peter R. de Vries had always refused police protectionPhoto: REMKO DE WAAL / AFP

The murder of the well-known journalist shocked the entire country. Shortly after the news of the death, dozens of people gathered at the site of the attack and laid flowers.

De Vries had always refused police protection. The Knight of Justice called it “professional risk”.


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