Personnel policy: country cuts 100 jobs – but the wrong ones

Hanover – Bloated ministries, sprawling administration. The state government’s personnel policy is met with fierce opposition.

The State Audit Office recently criticized the fact that a total of seven departments and 46 units have been added since 2013. In 2017, a completely new ministry was even created, responsible for European and federal affairs. In addition, the GroKo created 100 additional jobs in 2018 only for administrative tasks, above all in the Ministry of Economic Affairs.

As a matter of fact, the state government wants to cut these positions soon, as promised – but very few in the ministries themselves. Instead, staff savings are planned in schools and the police. This emerges from the answer from the Ministry of Finance to an FDP request.

According to this, ten positions in the state police are to disappear from 2021, in schools there are 35. The financial administration and the judiciary are also affected. State Chancellery, Economics and European Ministry are largely spared.

Christian Grascha from the FDP state parliamentary group is outraged: “The state government should be ashamed!” First, 100 positions were unnecessarily created in ministries, which are now being cut precisely where they are most urgently needed. “Police officers and teachers should pay for what this state government has generously granted itself.”

Bernhard Zentgraf from the Association of Taxpayers also thinks: “The GroKo created too many ‘civil servant chiefs’ and now wants to save on the ‘labor Indians’. That is unfair and detrimental to our community. “


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