Perpetrator turns up after fleeing: Grandma finds granddaughter murdered in the apartment

From: D. Böttger, T. Beurich, K. Metag, A. Lier, l. Rossow and M. Wittge

What terrible drama took place in the Treptow apartment building?

Berlin – On Wednesday evening, a dead child was discovered in an apartment on the third floor of an apartment building on Köpenicker Landstrasse. According to BILD information, it is a three-year-old girl who, according to previously unconfirmed information, is said to have been found with massive cuts.

Around 5 p.m., neighbors called the fire brigade and the police to the apartment in the immediate vicinity of Treptower Park after witnesses said they heard “terrible screams from the apartment”. Emergency services then found the lifeless toddler. Resuscitation attempts by the paramedics were in vain. The alarmed ambulance could only determine death.

The child’s grandmother is said to have been in the apartment. She had to be looked after by rescue workers and pastors.

Police officers at the forensics department

Photo: Spreepicture

According to BILD information, a man fled the crime scene and appeared shortly afterwards at the federal police station on Schöneweider Schnellerstrasse. The confused-looking man is said to be the father of the child who was killed. A male person was questioned by the investigative homicide squad, confirmed a police spokeswoman.

Forensic technicians meticulously secured traces at the crime scene that evening. The background and circumstances of the bloody act are still completely unclear. According to witnesses, the father freaked out after a violent argument with the girl’s mother.


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