PER, a new essential device to prepare for retirement

Retirement is one of the major subjects of our society. How to preserve our pay-as-you-go system which ensures solidarity between the active and inactive? The equation seems insoluble. In 1960, there were 4 working people for every retiree. The ratio is now down to 1.7. The life expectancy was 70 years, it is now close to 83 years.

The consequences of this demographic situation are foreseeable. We will have to work longer, contribute more, and all for a lower replacement income (ratio between the last salaries and the retirement pension paid).

With less than 5 years of retirement, which investments to choose to make your assets grow?

Even if the word is taboo in France, recourse to capitalization, in addition to the basic system, is desirable. It is in this logic that the Plan Epargne Retraite (PER) system was introduced at the heart of the 2019 Pacte law. The PER replaces all of the old systems (Article 83, Madelin Contract, PERP, etc.). by offering an exit in annuity or in capital.

If the PER is therefore above all a solution to prepare for retirement, it is

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