People who are ‘excited’ to donate sperm

BrotherSunday afternoon Louise, 36 years old, was sitting in a hotel in West London. A man walked up and hurriedly shoved something into her hand.

“Good luck,” the man said and left, leaving Louise and his wife Mary, 35, a syringe filled with semen. This gay couple is one of thousands of people searching for semen online.

Donor documents often require declarations and certifications of age, occupation, sexually transmitted diseases, and reproductive credentials. A typical donor post reads: “AI or NI sponsored, living in London, British and Spanish, dark brown hair, no health problems, never hours of smoking, drinking, 129 IQ points, no sexual illness “.

A donor ad on the Facebook group. Image: Metro.

While donors tend to have only basic information, recipients tend to have more detail, including wedding photos, family photos, and financial information. One posted: “Hi my wife and I are looking for an AI donor (artificial insemination). We want the sponsor to be completely out of contact with the child. We will pay for your trip.” All races welcome.

AI or NI is an acronym for different methods of fertilization, which are in vitro fertilization, semi-natural (masturbation and clear ejaculation) or all-natural. The couple’s donor Louise agrees to AI. They described him as someone “really wanted to help people”. And that’s how they sit in the hotel bar waiting, while the donor “produces” upstairs.

As unlucky as Louise, Michelle and his wife, they only met the NI public donor section (natural insemination, also known as penetrative sex).

“Anyone who says they only do NI, they just do it for sex. The people I helped told me they met with the original sponsors, agreed to be AI, but when they met they just agreed. Made with NI, “said Michael, 45, an AI-based sperm donor.

The online surveys of the sheet Metro shows, there is a part of men who are very “enthusiastic” in donating sperm and many people just want to donate through the NI. When asked the reason for doing this, the vast majority said “want to help others achieve their dream of having a family”.

Steve, 40, a truck driver from Hampshire, said he donated “Because I don’t lose anything to help people and IVF is very expensive.”

Vincent, 44, from Preston said: “Being a father is my greatest thing, so I want to help others who are unable to have the happiness of being a parent”.

According to experts, the need to reproduce has always been an innate part of men and compassion can really motivate them to donate sperm. Paternity expert Armin Brott explains: “People want children so they can create something in their own image and pass on their worldview. That’s what all living things do. You want to make a copy of yourself. “

Biologist Richard Dawkins explains in his book The Selfish Gene that the desire to “sow seeds” comes from within the primitive male brain.

Kyle Gordy, 28, is the only person in the article to have publicly identified.  Over the past 7 years, he has helped 29 women have children.  Photo: Metro.

Kyle Gordy, 28, is the only person in the article to have publicly identified. Over the past 7 years, he has helped 29 women have children. Image: Metro.

This urge seems so strong that some donors keep it a secret from their wives. Michael didn’t tell his wife because he was afraid she might “go crazy”. “The way I see it, I didn’t really do anything wrong. But on her side it was clearly wrong,” he said.

Vincent also hid this “pastime” from his wife for nearly 30 years. “It’s my body and I’m going to use it as I want it to. Donating doesn’t violate my marriage vow, but I can totally see that she will see things differently,” he said.

Steve, who at the time of the interview helped 17 pregnant women, said that his wife did not know about his donation.

Another particularly ardent sponsor named Kyle Gordy, 28 from California, said: “I will never have children of my own so this is like a guarantee, that at least I have kids. the children I have created and the women can have children, too. Another good thing is I don’t have to pay for any kids. “

As a donor since the age of 22, Kyle Gordy follows a special diet. He has a blog that regularly shares fertility tips and provides knowledge about donation laws. At the time of the interview, Kyle had helped 29 women give birth and eight other women were in the process.

Kyle donates by all means, the main condition is that the recipient must be financially stable. He has donated across the US and overseas and says he wants to donate further, as long as the trip is paid. What is remarkable about Kyle is that he uses possessive language when calling “my kids” or “I had a child with her”. He had met some of his children and seemed to be enjoying a fleeting kind of paternal love without any responsibility.

As for online sperm donation, fertility law expert Natalie Gamble said it is important to confirm an opponent’s expectations before proceeding, as the legal surrounding the donation remains. hazy. The two most important factors are the relationship status of the mother and the method of insemination that can cause the donor to fulfill legal obligations. “A sex donor sperm donor is always the legal father of any child conceived, no matter what the parents agree or what’s on the birth certificate,” says Natalie Gamble.

However, if the recipient goes to a fertility clinic with a permit from the Fertility and Embryonic Authority, the law states that the donor is fully exempt from all financial obligations or must be a parent. But the biggest downside is the cost. In order for a lesbian couple to get an Intrauterine Sperm Injection (IUI) service, they must first go through six unsuccessful IUI attempts, costing £ 1,600 each. Heterosexual couples must try to conceive naturally for two years or have gone through 12 IUI rounds. Finding sponsors online faster, simpler, less expensive, comes with its own risks.

As for Louise and his wife, after their donors came and went, the conception was sadly unsuccessful. The child’s creation is on hiatus due to pandemic. But once life returns to normal, the gay couple will have a different date with the men they meet online.

Bao Nhien (According to the Metro)


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