People teamed up with the rain to help find the property of the gold shop that was blown away by the storm

Quang TriKnowing that Phuoc Thinh’s gold shop was swept away by a tornado, many jewels were swept away, many people in Cua Viet town volunteered to help, on the afternoon of September 27.

A tornado suddenly swept across Cua Viet town, Gio Linh district, before Typhoon Noru landed on the afternoon of September 27, causing the entire roof of Phuoc Thinh gold store to be blown away, bringing two glass cabinets containing many jewelry. precious.

“The incident was so sudden that I couldn’t put the goods in the safe. Now it’s all gone,” the shop owner Hoang Tien, the owner, sighed.

Hearing the news, the people of Cua Viet town posted on social networks calling for the community to join hands to support Mr. Right after that, dozens of people were not afraid of storms, actively searching in every corner, turning over pieces of corrugated iron and fallen tree branches, looking for property to return to the owner of the gold shop.

“My family still hasn’t counted the exact amount of lost jewelry, but the amount of gold that people helped find is also a lot. Seeing people enthusiastically searching for help under the storm, I was extremely moved, just know how to say thank you,” Tien said.

People in Cua Viet town help Mr. Tien to search for jewelry that was swept away by a tornado, on the afternoon of September 27. Image: CN

At the time of the tornado, Mr. Tien and his family were cleaning and barricading the shop to go home to avoid the storm. He said he tried to hold the jewelry cabinet with his hands but failed, on the contrary, he was also cut into his hand by glass fragments, then had to go to the hospital for 25 stitches.

“I still thought the storm would come in at midnight, but I didn’t expect that in the early afternoon, I had met a big storm, couldn’t get my hands on it. Now I can find how much property I am so happy, and people are still my possessions”, Mr. Tien said.

This morning the cleaning work, searching for his family’s property is still underway.

A small part of the jewelry was picked up by relatives who helped Tien's gold shop on the afternoon of September 27.  Photo: CN

Part of the jewelry was picked up by relatives who helped Tien’s gold shop on the afternoon of September 27. Image: CN

Exchange with VnExpressVo Dac Hoa, Chairman of Gio Linh District People’s Committee, confirmed that a tornado with heavy rain yesterday afternoon swept through the area of ​​​​block 3, Cua Viet town, causing Phuoc Thinh’s gold and silver shop to be blown off its roof and swept away. goods and jewelry in the shop.

As soon as the incident happened, the local authorities were promptly present, together with the people to find and help the shop owner to collect the property. “But because it was dark with heavy rain, the search had to be halted. As of this morning, the number of lost jewelry has not been counted,” said Mr. Hoa.

In addition to Phuoc Thinh gold shop, Cong Hoa said the tornado also caused serious damage to many other families in the town. Preliminary statistics by the end of September 27, the whirlwind caused Cua Viet market and 300 houses and shops to be roofed; and 4 injured people were taken to the hospital.

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