Pensions: the secret story of a failed reform

The great “egalitarian” and poorly understood project of the five-year term is buried: the “point retirement” will not exist. This in-depth reform, which was supposed to make it possible to open up the same rights for all, was very ambitious, extremely complex and a source of concern ”, recognized Emmanuel Macron on Thursday, June 3, during a trip to Martel in the Lot. And so she won’t be able to “Be taken back as is “. The text adopted by the National Assembly in February 2020, just before the first confinement, after a long series of strikes and a fierce parliamentary battle, will therefore lapse.

The pension reform “not resumed as it is”: why Macron gives up (but keeps the future open)

But that does not mean that the head of state will no longer tackle the issue of pensions. On the contrary, the president leaves open the possibility of carrying out a reform this time all that is most classic, which would force the French to work longer to restore public accounts that the health crisis has plunged into the red. A measure (very) not very social, even if the government could partly offset it by a slight increase in small pensions. As if after four years of changing direction and going off the road, a vision was emerging. And this seems to be the opposite of the initial vision. Back in four points on an immense ambition in the process of making “pschitt” …

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