Pensioner hands over 40,000 euros: Has the grandchild trick fraudster struck again?

Erfurt – The blonde single-mindedly approaches the pensioner (81). The senior citizen takes a package with 13,000 euros from her pocket. The young woman takes it, puts it in her handbag – and leaves the crime scene grinning.

In Breitenworbis (Thuringia), the fraudster played this elderly (81) with the grandchild trick. A surveillance camera filmed the handover of the money by accidentPhoto: Landespolizeiinspektion Nordhaus

Believing that she had helped her grandson, the pensioner was cheated out of the huge amount in August 2019. A surveillance camera filmed everything – the police are searching publicly with the video for the criminal from Breitenworbis.

Unfortunately, this scenario is not an isolated incident! On Thursday in Asbach-Sickenberg (Thuringia) another senior (87) was cheated of his savings – 40,000 euros! He had fallen for a fraudster posing as a police officer on the phone.

Chief Inspector Fränze Töpfer to BILD: “Under the pretext that the relatives of the pensioner had caused an accident and would only be released on bail, the perpetrator gained confidence and arranged a meeting. In the afternoon, the pensioner handed over the cash on his doorstep. “

A neighbor observed the handover and described the fraudster like the grinning woman from the surveillance video: 28 to 30 years old, slim, blonde, hair tied in a braid. Töpfer: “We are now checking whether it is the same woman as in the case in Breitenworbis. Hair color and age would fit. “

► Has the blonde grandchildren trickster struck again?

Bold: On the same day, a pensioner (89) from Arenshausen, 15 kilometers away, received similar calls. Her luck: On the way to the Sparkasse, where she was supposed to withdraw 18,000 euros, she met a relative and told her about her plan. This called the police! Investigators ambushed the perpetrators at the agreed meeting point. But nobody came. The grandchildren trickster is still at large.

But: “There are several hot leads,” says Töpfer. In addition, the next broadcast of “Aktenzeichen XY” (ZDF) will report on the woman on February 10th.


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