Pension reform: towards a sprint or a retreat?

Time is running out. While waiting to know the extent of the deficits caused by the Covid-19 health crisis – the Retirement Guidance Council (COR) must make an updated assessment on October 15 – the government has resumed its work: how to achieve the Emmanuel Macron’s campaign promise to establish a universal point-based pension plan? All the more so when the parliamentary agenda is already close to saturation.

“We don’t have so many slots anymore before the presidential election”, one recognizes among the deputies of the majority. “In September of next year, we will attack the finance bill for 2022 and the five-year term will be over. “

The beginning of the year being devoted to the reform of dependency and the bill against separatism, the pension reform could therefore come back to Parliament “ mid-2021 “, According to parliamentarians. Unless the government chooses to accelerate: according to a minister, the text could be debated in the Assembly ” before the regional elections Of March.

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