Paul Pflanz (94) drums for the spa orchestra – play one more time in front of an audience …

Bad Homburg – He doesn’t smile until the end of the conversation, when he starts beating the drum wildly.

Or when he plays “Quando, Quando, Quando” on the bongos and sings to it in Italian. “A lot of people call me and ask: ‘Mr. Plant, when will you finally be performing again in the Kurpark?'”


That is Paul Pflanz’s dream. He is the drummer of the Bad Homburg spa orchestra – at the age of 94! “I think that a concert will be possible again soon. It is a matter of time. In any case, one should not give up hope. “

Plant as a drummer – a recording from the mid-1950sPhoto: Repro: Vincenzo Mancuso

The longing for normality, for the good old days, is also great at Paul Pflanz. “I’m not allowed to make music, that’s terrible. This corona destroyed everything. I love music! Music has been my whole life. I am very sad, mentally cracked, have difficulty sleeping because I am not allowed to make music in front of people or with my colleagues. “

Nevertheless, he drums for an hour every day – alone, in his apartment. “You get monotonous, you get stupid.” Plant is therefore hoping to return to the stage in the Kurpark soon.

Before Corona times: Plant with the spa orchestra in July 2017

Before Corona times: Plant with the spa orchestra in July 2017 Photo: Vincenzo Mancuso

He has been playing with the spa orchestra for four decades: “I have 1500 pieces in my head. Rock, swing, entire operettas. ”His parents gave him the talent and passion for music. His father was a violinist, his mother a ballet dancer.

He himself starts drumming when he is six: “I knocked around on the table with spoons. My father’s drummer then taught me to play. ”During the Nazi era, he secretly rehearsed forbidden jazz and swing. In Russian captivity he played in the camp orchestra, later he became a professional musician (among others with Paul Kuhn).

In 1978 he moved to Bad Homburg and joined the spa orchestra. “The drums keep me young,” he says.


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