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Chi shares with readers the journey of facing and overcoming cancer with the strength of friendship, the companionship of colleagues and treating doctors.

At the online consultation “Early detection to reverse cancer” coordinated by Gene Solutions VnExpress On September 21, poet-journalist Nguyen Khanh Chi shared her experiences in her journey to overcome cancer.

Nearly 10 years ago, Ms. Chi was diagnosed with a malignant tumor in her chest. She told her son, who was preparing to study abroad at the time, “Rom, I have cancer, but don’t worry.” At that time, his son calmed down and immediately went online to find information. Thus, she and her loved ones began the journey to fight against the disease.

Guests at the editorial office VnExpress. Image: Thanh Tung

Chi said, during the healing process, the first person Khanh Chi was extremely grateful for was her son. He knew that his mother should eat non-greasy foods, so he switched his entire diet to steaming and boiling just like his mother. Her son is also the one who prepares each meal for Khanh Chi. When he saw his mother vomiting, the boy felt sad again: “Mom, I’m bad at cooking, aren’t I?”

The nights she couldn’t sleep, her son also stayed awake. He sat next to the bed, holding his mother’s hands until she fell asleep.

During that time, her friends also constantly visited and encouraged her. The agency has never asked her to take a break for medical treatment. She still works from home and every time she goes to the office, she is welcomed like a hero.

From her experiences, Khanh Chi realizes that family and friends are great companions with cancer patients, helping them to overcome their illness and bring invaluable happiness. She once titled one of her articles in a magazine Beautiful on cancer treatment days is “When I’m sick, I feel happier”. That happiness comes from strength, the source of support for loved ones.

Being optimistic, seeing every day of life as a happy day, she calmly faced cancer and underwent treatment. “Many people think that fighting hard will overcome all challenges. But through life experience, I find that there are times when I have to rely on difficulties, dare to face and accept it, everything will turn out to be. should be gentler,” said Chi.

From left to right: Poet and journalist Nguyen Khanh Chi, Dr.  Tran Le Son, Dr. BS Nguyen Huu Phuc and MC Phuong Thao.  Photo: VnExpress

From left to right: Poet and journalist Nguyen Khanh Chi, Dr. Tran Le Son, Dr. BS Nguyen Huu Phuc and MC Phuong Thao. Image: Thanh Tung

Therefore, when she knew that there were 2-3 weeks left for surgery and chemotherapy, the only thing she did to prepare herself was to buy land and plants to plant on her terrace. At that time, she simply thought that she was going to have to stay at home for 5-6 months continuously, not being exposed to the outside. It will be a great source of happiness and spiritual encouragement.

When she opened her eyes after a six-hour operation at the Ho Chi Minh City Cancer Hospital’s operating room, she received a message from her son: “Mother’s first rose has bloomed”. “I felt like I was given more strength,” Ms. Chi recalls.

Ms. Khanh Chi became the ambassador of Vietnam Breast Cancer Network to support many other patients.  Photo: NVCC

Ms. Khanh Chi became the ambassador of Vietnam Breast Cancer Network to support many other patients. Image: NVCC

In the days after chemotherapy, many people often ask Ms. Chi how she can eat because most cancer patients vomit terribly. The truth is that she never thought about how to eat, but only said to herself: “I have to eat”. She also vomited during the meal, but she immediately got up, went to rinse her mouth with salt water, took another sip of water, then asked her mother: “Give me another bowl of rice” and continued to eat.

Although she did not feel good, Khanh Chi still tried to swallow continuously. I always tell myself must eat, must be healthy enough to enter the next chemical. “I can’t give up,” she insisted.

Receiving good treatment results, she wants to remind cancer patients, to put their trust in doctors, not to give up or arbitrarily follow unscientific “heard-of” methods.

“Cancer is not as terrible as many people think. Don’t be afraid!”, Ms. Chi shared.

Hong Nhung

Attending the online consultation program “Early detection to reverse cancer” were also Dr. BS Nguyen Huu Phuc – Deputy Head of the Department of Oncology, University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Ho Chi Minh City, and Dr. Tran Le Son – Institute of Medical Genetics – Gene Solutions.

During the counseling program, Dr. BS Nguyen Huu Phuc said that most cancer patients in Vietnam are diagnosed late, making the treatment process difficult. In the preclinical stage – stage 0 and stage 1, the possibility of cure is very high, the survival rate can reach 99% in some cancers.

Dr. Son added: Currently, cancer screening by gene technology is a new trend applied in many countries with developed medicine. SPOT-MAS method invented by Gene Solutions, based on next-generation gene sequencing technology, detects 4 unique mutations of tumor DNA simultaneously. SPOT-MAS technology can screen and detect early the 5 most common cancers in Vietnam today: liver, lung, breast, colorectal and stomach cancer, through just one blood collection. Non-invasive, accurate, convenient, SPOT-MAS hopes to contribute to promoting the formation of cancer screening habits of Vietnamese people, in order to improve the effectiveness of cancer treatment and protect public health.


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