Pascal Canfin on the anti-Covid vaccine: “We need transparency in the agreements with the laboratories”

The search for a vaccine against Covid-19 is beginning to be successful: after the Pfizer group, it is the American biotechnology company Moderna which has just announced very promising clinical trials … But for the public to accept these vaccines, you think that Europe must be much more transparent …

All these scientific advances are obviously excellent news. Like all MEPs, I am very much in favor of pre-financing vaccine doses from pharmaceutical companies. The choice that was made in Europe last spring, as in the United States, was to pre-order doses even before the results were known, in order to ensure future supply and to encourage pharmaceutical groups to continue to invest. It is the Commission which negotiates them and this avoids having twenty-seven parallel discussions, while leaving each Member State the possibility of then carrying out the vaccination plan it wishes.

Today, the commission has four contracts, with Johnson & Johnson, AstraZeneca, Sanofi, and Pfizer. Two more will soon be. These agreements are completely confidential. However, I sincerely believe that this is not acceptable when we know the mistrust of part of the population in the face of the vaccine. For more than half of the French to agree to receive it when it becomes available, it is essential to show that there is nothing to hide in these agreements.

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