Party convention in Dresden: AfD calls for the protection of the constitution to be abolished


Dresden – The Saxon AfD has met at the Dresden trade fair for a party congress to determine its state list for the federal election. According to the party, 687 members had been accredited by noon. The meeting takes place under strict hygiene requirements. Employees of the Dresden public order office checked compliance in the hall.

In the run-up there had been all kinds of speculation and unrest behind the scenes. Several fight candidates between representatives of the right-wing and the more conservative wing suggest themselves around the promising list positions.

Party leader Tino Chrupalla (45) is considered to be in first place. Already at number 2 on the list, however, the Dresden Bundestag member Jens Maier (58) has to face a vote against the former “Focus” journalist Michael Klonovsky, among others. Maier is considered to be the party’s right wing, as are several current Saxon federal MPs, with whose work parts of the regional association were allegedly dissatisfied recently.

At the beginning, the AfD honorary chairman Alexander Gauland (79) appealed to the unity of the party in a greeting. With a view to the classification of the state association of Saxony as a “suspected case” by the constitution protection, Gauland said: “After 15 years of Merkel loyalty to the constitution has become unconstitutional.” In return, Gauland called for the abolition of the constitution protection.

The participants in the general assembly are currently debating procedural questions. It was at least decided that the Saxony-AfD wants to draw up a state list with 20 candidates.


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