Participate and apply! BILD selects HONEY of the YEAR!

BILD is looking for the best honey of the year!

What is the secret of a good honey, what makes the “liquid gold” the best ?! We can’t ask the bees. but we can try and judge for ourselves. And we want to do that now and choose the best honey of the year!

Of course, you can argue about taste! But of course it is about much more: how do the bee colonies live, which additives are used, how exactly is produced and which mixtures are mixed. There are many aspects and we are of course interested in the entire manufacturing process, all the details – from the bee to the customer.

Whether you are a professional beekeeper or a hobby producer, we want you to smear your honey around our “mouths”! Of course we want to try your beautiful one too! Join in and send two glasses of your honey:
Axel Springer SE, Pace Events, keyword “HONEY of the YEAR”, Schützenstraße 15-17, 10117 Berlin. The date of dispatch applies. A BILD celebrity jury selects the winners in the professional & hobby honey maker categories. The winners may use the winning logo for one year and advertise with it.

The campaign logo for the title! Maybe it will soon stick to your honey jars?Photo: BILD

The prerequisite for the title is: Your honey is available in stores! If not: you can win the special prize for the hobby beekeeper.

Do you think your honey deserves it on the podium of the best of the year? Then you should definitely apply with your own product!


ABUPhoto: Alexander Körner / dpa

That’s how it works:

▶ ︎ Send at least two glasses of your honey to the address below!

▶ ︎ In addition to address and mobile phone number, each participant must have a Enclose a description and confirm that they actually produced the honey themselves in Germany Has.

▶ ︎ Please also send us your honey submission Your name, address, an email address and telephone number With.

▶ ︎ The deadline for entries is April 30, 2021. The date of the postmark applies. Only what has been sent in by then will be taken into account in the jury selection!

Submissions including information about your honey and a photo of you go to:

Axel Springer SE

PACE events

HONEY of the year

Schützenstrasse 15-17

10117 Berlin

PS: BILD ensures that no food is thrown away. What is left over is given away to charitable institutions in Berlin.

A competent jury sifts through the applications, checks reviews, and tries the honeys in a first final round.

BILD will then choose finalists and invite them to Berlin a week later. On this day the final decision will be made in a BILD live broadcast.

BU for delicious honey!

BU for delicious honey!Photo: Zoonar / Getty Images

Anyone who convinces and wins the duel of honeys can from now on wear the BILD seal “HONEY of the YEAR” for 12 months!

We give you the bees! Symbolically, of course …

Conditions of participation: The closing date for entries is April 30, 2021. The date of the postmark applies. Participation is only possible from Germany. Anyone aged 18 or over who is resident in Germany can take part. Employees of Axel Springer SE, its subsidiaries and companies participating in the competition and their relatives and partners are excluded from participation. The judges’ decision is final. Participations can only be considered if the required information has been given in full. Important: The honey is made in Germany, is available in stores (over the counter) and will be sent in as a sample for the jury selection by April 30, 2021. By participating in this campaign, the participants and the favorites selected by the jury in particular declare that they are ready to be published with text, photos and, if applicable, video in particular in BILD and and in other Axel Springer SE media and also for promotional measures to be available. The winners will be chosen by a jury. Participation takes place by submitting a photo and the jam description and then submitting a sample including information on production and the necessary contact details. Please also read the general Competition conditions and the Privacy policy.


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