Parents make every effort to help their children integrate when going back to school

Telling interesting stories about school, strengthening children’s resistance… is how many parents help their children go back to school happily.

After an online semester, eating and sleeping comfortably at home, little Thao Linh (6th grade, Binh Thanh district, Ho Chi Minh City) expressed that she did not want to go to school directly. The girl gave all the reasons “I can’t sleep comfortably at school, but my age needs a lot of sleep to grow up”, then “I don’t know many friends in my class after changing grades”, or “what if I get Covid-19” causing Hang, her mother did not ask for a headache. “Honestly, now I don’t worry about my child getting sick as he is bored of going to school and not interested in going to school,” said Ms. Hang.

The mother who is an architect tries to lift the spirits of her children by recalling funny stories from her elementary school days, recalling her children’s close friends, extracurricular activities… She and her children are the same. Outlining a goal, if the teacher praises, good grades will be rewarded with an outing. Before the day she went back to school, she took her to the supermarket to buy a bunch of new school supplies.

After the first two lessons, Linh no longer complained about having to go to school. Instead, he compares the similarities and differences between his current classroom and elementary school, starting to get to know and make some new friends. This parent is reassured knowing that their child has really integrated into the learning environment.

Returning to school helps children be physically connected to true learning and play experiences. Photo: Duong Huynh

Over two years of Covid-19, children often have to spend a long time learning online. This makes them lack of connection with teachers and friends, lack of meaningful learning and fun experiences. Besides knowledge gaps, not going to school also affects children’s psychological development.

Ms. Rana Flowers, United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) Representative in Vietnam, said that closing schools is only a temporary measure and a last resort in response to the pandemic. Schools must be given priority to open first when quarantine measures are lifted. Because closing schools is a disaster for children and it has erased decades of progress, changing their childhoods completely.

In fact, after seeing their children lose their psychological balance because of prolonged stay at home, many parents feel the need to send their children back to school. “For half a year, my child sleeps in most of the morning and stays up very late at night. Many classes, he just registers in class and then falls asleep at times,” said Hung, the father of a son in class. 5, home in Dong Anh, Hanoi said. He can’t wait to send his son back to school so that he can return to his normal routine as before the epidemic.

About a week before his son went back to school, he trained him to go to bed early to get up early. However, the first days of school, the child was still sluggish. In the evening, his family tries to do everything as quickly as possible, parents also have to go to bed earlier so that their son sleeps early and wakes up early the next day.

Ms. Kieu Trang (HCMC) carefully prepares her daughter in terms of nutrition, psychology and necessary epidemic prevention measures.  Photo: NVCC

Ms. Kieu Trang (HCMC) carefully prepares her daughter in terms of nutrition, psychology and necessary epidemic prevention measures. Photo: NVCC

In order for children to absorb lessons effectively as well as prevent diseases, in addition to taking care of their sleep, preparing nutritious meals for their children is something that most parents consider. If in the past, Ms. Kieu Trang (HCMC) let her children actively buy breakfast on the way to school, now she gets up earlier to prepare a nutritious meal for her child. Ms. Trang also did not forget to put in her child’s backpack a bottle of mineral water, a box of Milo’s milk, a packet of cookies, and an apple for her children to eat more. “When I’m hungry, I don’t work effectively, my kids won’t focus when I’m hungry. Not to mention, eating enough nutrition and energy also helps my child grow and have health to participate in sports activities. at school”, Ms. Trang shared.

She said, after the time of epidemic prevention, the baby also has a habit of disinfecting his hands before eating, taking off his mask properly, sitting at a distance from friends in a well-ventilated position, not talking while eating. wear a new mask after eating…

To join hands with the school and parents on the special “opening of school” occasion, businesses have many activities to make the school day fun and active for children. The Nestlé Milo brand can be mentioned when accompanying the Departments of Education and Training to implement the program “Energy back to school” at schools in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi, as well as at supermarkets on nationwide. There will be more than 2.5 million Milo milk cartons donated by the brand to energize the children to study and have fun. The program also marks the second time Nestlé Milo has organized an activity to donate milk to Vietnamese students on the occasion of returning to school after the period of isolation due to Covid-19, the first time was in May 2020.

A teacher at a primary school in Ho Chi Minh City hands the students a gift from Nestlé Milo, giving them more energy to study and have fun when they return to school after the Lunar New Year.  Photo: Duong Huynh.

A teacher at a primary school in Ho Chi Minh City hands the students a gift from Nestlé Milo, giving them more energy to study and have fun when they return to school after the Lunar New Year. Photo: Duong Huynh

During the social distancing periods because of Covid-19 in the two years 2020-2021, Nestlé Milo is also a brand that actively accompanies parents to help children’s learning and playing experience at home stay active and dynamic. effective. The brand implements the programs “Stay at home but don’t stay still”, “Online energy summer camp”, “Active Vietnam everywhere” to encourage and encourage children to be physically active and maintain energy. .

The brand representative said that in the coming time, when the epidemic is under control, Nestlé Milo will continue to participate in sports sponsorship activities to bring useful playgrounds and contribute to building a more energetic Vietnamese generation. active and healthy. Recently, in December 2021, Nestlé Vietnam and the Vietnam Student Sports Association (Ministry of Education and Training) signed a Memorandum of Understanding on cooperation in school sports activities for the period 2022-2026. It is expected that Nestlé Vietnam, specifically the Nestlé Milo brand, will be the main sponsor participating in the program with a total funding of up to 38 billion VND, including cash, uniforms and Nestlé nutrition products. Milo.

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