Parents and children named ‘the most beautiful in the world’

America1.8 million fans called Jaqi and her twin daughters ‘the most beautiful girls in the world’ and praised ‘as young as a daughter’s sister’.

Instagram account The Clements Twins last weekend posted a photo of twins Leah, Ava and mother Jaqi Clements in California in pink robes. Immediately the photo “stirred” the online community. As always, thousands of comments praised the beauty of the two girls, this time they were also surprised by the beauty of the 37-year-old mother.

The photo caught the attention of her mother and daughter Jaqi. Image: Instagram The Clements Twins.

Fan commented: “The similarity between the Ava sisters and mother is amazing!”. Another said: ‘Looks like three beautiful sisters’, “These are truly the most beautiful girls in the world”, “This family is extremely photogenic” …

Jaqi Clements and her husband, Kevin, and Leah born Leah and Ava in 2011. It seems that the best features of both parents converge on the twins. As soon as a few months old, the babies attracted attention and many fashion brands invited two babies to model. At that time Jaqi did not agree because the two children were too young.

You are called the most beautiful girls in the world - 2

Image: Instagram The Clements Twins.

In 2017, when both children were 7 years old, Jaqi set up a separate Instagram account for the children. After just one night, the cute images of the two girls attracted many fans. Since then, Leah and Ava are increasingly famous, many companies look forward to working with both.

Jaqi asked for the children’s advice and the two children jumped with joy. Since then, the two children have been representing many fashion brands and photographed magazines. Their Instagram page attracted 1.8 million fans. Images posted are parental control. The 37-year-old mother said that the performance schedule of two children is usually scheduled on weekends so as not to miss lessons.

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