Parchim: Trucker got drunk on vodka at the wheel!

Parchim (Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania) – The police pulled a drunk trucker out of traffic on the motorway near Parchim. The man got drunk on vodka while driving!

Tuesday evening on the A24: A driver is surprised at a truck that is noticeably drawing meandering lines in both lanes. When he takes a closer look, he sees that a tire has blown on the truck.

The man is calling the police. When the hovering truck leaves the Autobahn at Groß Godems, a patrol succeeds in stopping it. Luckily!

The Pole (35) behind the wheel smells extremely of alcohol and has to blow: 1.7 per mille! He admits he drank half a bottle of vodka while driving.

The officers find the actually half-empty bottle of schnapps in the driver’s cab, and collect the trucker’s keys, driver’s license and paper. He’s taken to the clinic for a blood test.

Police spokesman Klaus Wiechmann: “The police would like to take this opportunity to thank the attentive and responsible driver who could possibly prevent worse things by calling the police.”


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