Palma de Mallorca airport closed: passengers flee to the runway

Palma de Mallorca – Flight chaos on Friday evening at the airport of Palma de Mallorca (Spain)! And all because a group of several people wanted to enter the Balearic Island through a fictitious medical emergency?

The airport operator “Aena” had tweeted that air traffic had been suspended due to an incident when passengers disembarked. Several approaching passenger planes, including at least one flight from Germany, were diverted. Machines that were ready to start could not take off.

As the Spanish state broadcaster “RTVE” reported, the pilot of the “AirArabia” flight from Casablanca (Morocco) to Istanbul (Turkey) asked for permission to land at Son Sant Joan airport because there was a diabetes patient on board and urgently would need medical help. The plane landed around 8.30 p.m.

While the cabin crew waited for an ambulance to arrive, a group of 15 to 20 passengers left the plane, ran across the tarmac and then hid. The police looked for them – and stopped all air traffic.

Allegedly sick person in police custody

The allegedly ill man was taken to the Son Llàtzer hospital in Palma together with an accompanying person.

There she then fled! According to “RTVE”, the person responsible for the emergency landing was immediately discharged from the hospital because they only simulated the symptoms. The man is in police custody.

Investigators from the Guardia Civil and employees of a security service searched the airport with around 20 vehicles in order to locate the escaped travelers. According to investigators, they left the plane with the intention of entering Spain illegally.

By morning some of the people were still on the run. The “Mallorca Zeitung” reported that five passengers were arrested in a nearby community. The police suspect that they made it out of the airport area. Now the passenger list is to be checked to find out who the people who have been piled up are.

Flight operations resumed after around three hours. 13 flights had to be diverted.


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