Overwhelming sports with a series of matches can not miss Tet

Friday, February 5, 2021 14:00 PM (GMT + 7)

This February, in addition to a series of special movies welcoming spring jubilantly on K + TV channels, a series of top competitions from the most prestigious sports tournaments on the planet: Premier League, Champions League and Europa League is also ready to air through Tet, serving the “overwhelming entertainment” needs for all families.

The Great Battle of the English Premier League opens on the 2nd day of Tet

The exclusive sports tournaments are always the brand “K + carpentry” because only on K + TV channels can the audience fully enjoy their emotions from surprise to breaking when they see their beloved team. show up on the field.

However, the Lunar New Year nearing the time of the translation tends to be complicated again, so there is nothing safer than staying at home and eagerly waiting for the fiery battles of round 24 of the Premier League. , opens at 19h30 on the 2nd of Tet (February 13) between Leicester City and Liverpool.

Commenting on this interesting confrontation, commentator (BLV) K + Hai Thanh said: “Leicester City showed the stability of a big team in this season of fierce competition. Meanwhile, the blunt attack made Liverpool unable to sublimate to confirm the strength of the defending champion. However, when meeting a strong opponent like Leicester City, coach Klopp’s team will definitely play more concentrated and the killer instinct can return.

The Great War of Leicester – Liverpool opens spring on the second day of the new year.

Shortly thereafter, the great war between Man City – Tottenham took place at 0:30 on the 3rd of Tet (February 14). “In the first leg that took place at the end of November last year, Tottenham had a convincing 2-0 victory with a closed play, making Man City completely helpless. In this second leg, Mourinho’s team is sure to have more trouble because Man City’s attacking play becomes sharper. His students Guardiola constantly opened fire despite the absence of the best strikers like Aguero, Gabriel Jesus or De Bruyne fuse. The virtual striker diagram with the excellence of the public midfielders makes Man City more unpredictable than Tottenham. However, Mourinho always has a solution to the difficult problem. Fans were waiting for “The Special One” and how the students stopped Man City’s winning streak “, BLV Ba Phu (K +) reviews.

Shortly thereafter, the great war between Man City – Tottenham also took place on the 3rd of Tet.

The European Cup returns on the 5th day of Tet

In addition to the hottest great battles from the Premier League, soccer fans are also excited about the club’s highest-level tournament coming back from the 5th of Tet with the first knockout round. The series of Champions League matches to take place during Tet include Leipzig – Liverpool (February 17), Barcelona – PSG (February 17), Porto – Juventus (February 18), Atletico Madrid – Chelsea (February 24).

Commenting on the confrontations in the eighth round, BLV Hai Thanh (K +) said that all sides were balanced, with Liverpool, despite its unstable form in the Premier League, but the former The enemy always plays concentratedly in Cup matches. Meanwhile, Leipzig is not easy to bully in the team tournament that just reached the semi-finals last season. Porto is also a familiar name in the Champions League, certainly not too afraid of Juventus. Typically, two pairs of charming matches Barcelona – PSG and Atletico Madrid – Chelsea will be very unpredictable.

BLV Hai Thanh said that in the 1/8 round, the parties will balance their balance.

Porto is also a familiar name in the Champions League, certainly not too afraid of Juventus.

Also in the Europa League arena, three English teams are guests on the opponent’s field. Real Sociedad – Man United (February 19), Wolfsberg – Tottenham (February 19) and Benfica – Arsenal (February 19) are the three games that are expected in this Tet holiday.

Evaluation of the next door of Man United, Tottenham and Arsenal, BLV Ba Phu (K +) said: “All three Premier League giants are in good shape. If you play with the right strength, the ticket to continue is understandable. Man United and Tottenham must be more cautious because Real Sociedad and Wolfsberg both maintain high positions in the domestic league with quite stable gameplay.

Real Sociedad – Man United is one of three games that are expected in this Tet holiday.

In addition to the Premier League, Champions League, and Europa League matches, broadcast only on K + and App K + channels, special companion programs produced by K + such as Sa Ban, Premier Saturday, Super Sunday, Team I Love, On top of Europe is still on the air during this Tet holiday with a group of guests who are experts, coaches, journalists, celebrities … for the purpose of communicating with the audience about the expertise of the match. like providing many other interesting side information.

Not only producing sports programs, K + Television still favors movie fans, meeting the needs of every generation in the family by producing a special talk show, bringing together many of the hottest celebrities. Vbiz, on air at 12pm on the 1st of Tet (February 12), is titled “Vietnam Cinema 2020”. The guests including Director Nguyen Quang Dung, Director Charlie Nguyen, MC Tran Thanh, Film critic Le Hong Lam, Actor Kaity Nguyen, Actor Truong Ngoc Anh and host Binh Bong Pow will have the opportunity to share a story about experience and give new hope to home cinema in 2021.

Talkshow “Vietnam Cinema 2020” will be broadcast at 12pm on the 1st of Tet (February 12).

There are 5 days left to receive the Tan Suu 2021 Tet promotion from K +.

K + Television still offers Tan Suu 2021 New Year Gifts for all families from here until 10/2/2021 (29 Tet): Free full set of K + HD or K + TVBox digital satellite TV set worth 1,200K all new registrations for a 12-month period. At the same time, discount up to 50% (only from 60K / month) for subscribers of App K + when purchasing the package “Full” or “Sports” to watch K + TV on mobile devices.

At the same time from February 1, 2021, 5 SCTV channels including SCTV 1, SCTV2, SCTV7, SCTV9 (TVB Hong Kong series) and SCTV Collection Movie will be available in the channel list of 4 packages. K + App subscription (Discover, Engage, Sports, Complete) and K + TVBox package.

Details: https://bit.ly/2XcIInc

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