Over Easter: ADAC expects free travel

Munich / Stuttgart / Nuremberg – According to the ADAC forecast, drivers in Germany will have free travel almost everywhere over Easter. “As in the previous year, Easter travel will largely be ignored,” said ADAC spokesman Andreas Hölzel in Munich.

Only Maundy Thursday and Easter Monday could be something more going on, when commuters drive home to their families or back to their places of work.

Maundy Thursday is normally one of the three busiest days of the year, said Hölzel. In 2019, the ADAC counted 3,400 traffic jams – but in 2020 there were only around 600 traffic jams due to the corona lockdown. Easter Monday 2020 was the day with the least congestion since ADAC records began.

At some large motorway construction sites, it could get a bit crowded in the days before and after Easter – for example on the A3 near Leverkusen, on the A1 near Wuppertal and near Osnabrück and on the A9 between the Holledau and Ingolstadt triangle.

If the weather is nice, there could be “a bit of traffic” on secondary routes towards lakes, mountains and coast on the holidays, said Hölzel. “But we expect relatively manageable traffic problems.” Holiday and international travel is not an issue anyway.


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