Over 50 column: Is the sandcastle now also dying out?

The ten-year-old blinks sullenly at the sun, which is glaring from her cell phone display. Then she grumbles: “I want to go to the shadows too.”

But we are already sitting in the beach chair. I look up from Twitter and ask: “Don’t you want to look for mussels?” The woman lets Facebook sink and rebukes: “Do something with the child!”

Summer vacation, pre-puberty. Undoubtedly the best time of the year

I crouch next to my daughter and ask: “Do we want to bathe?”


“Play badminton?”


“Build a beach castle?”


I immediately took the opportunity to take a history class. “People have been doing this for 150 years. Even gave contests. Grandpa and I almost became runner-up on the nudist beach in Amrum. We had a Hamburg coat of arms made of shells on it. But before the award ceremony someone trampled through our castle, and grandpa pushed him out. “

The child climbs onto my vacated space in the beach chair and delves into his cell phone. I look around. Not a castle far and wide. What has become of the most German of all holiday pleasures?

The next morning I have a spade with me. The neighbors eyed me suspiciously. Maybe because I secretly made room during the night and moved your beach chairs to one side?

After four hours of work, the wall is up. Rests much better in his own castle

I am awakened by the sound of spades in damp gravel. The right neighbor has started a counter-offensive. Shovel staccato behind me too: a whole clan from Dortmund took up the Strandburg Challenge.

The next morning I dig into the subject on Google. Beach castles are prohibited on Sylt. In the Baltic Sea resort of Binz, they are only allowed to be 3.50 meters in diameter and 30 centimeters in height. In some places there is even a threat of fines for digging.

“Are we going to build a castle again?” Asks the child over breakfast.

I answer: “Yes, but only with the cell phone.”

Fortunately, there are apps with sand games. I downloaded them all.

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* Leif Lasse Andersson is a book author (“Planlos between Pandemie and Plauze”), BILD columnist and a pseudonym. Email him at [email protected]


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