Outstanding sports beauties of the Miss Vietnam 2020 pageant

Sunday, December 20, 2020 10:04 AM (GMT + 7)

(Sports news) This year’s Miss Vietnam contest attracted attention when there were many contestants with outstanding sports talent, even competing in many tournaments and winning many medals.

Do Nhu Quynh (Judo)

Right after registering for the most prestigious beauty contest in Vietnam this year, contestant Do Nhu Quynh has made a strong impression on her martial arts ability. This beautiful 22-year-old fitness teacher, 9 years old, is a Judo athlete from Bac Lieu province.

Candidate Do Nhu Quynh has 9 years of training and competition in Judo

She achieved many medals, the most impressive of which were 2 gold medals at the national youth award and the Mekong Delta Congress. Even Nhu Quynh used to beat 2 men who loved green beards and ran away.

In addition to martial arts, the 22-year-old beauty also participates in many other sports activities such as relay running, volleyball, gym … So she owns an outstanding 102cm third round. After the contest, Nhu Quynh actively participates in programs to help judo athletes with disabilities.

Phu Bao Nghi (Swimming)

The 19-year-old beauty from Ho Chi Minh City Phu Bao Nghi is the candidate who won the title of Sports Beauty 2020 of this year’s Missile Competition. In his competition, Bao Nghi with outstanding swimming skills easily overwhelmed other competitors to finish the elective competition on the green track.

Outstanding sports beauties of Miss Vietnam 2020 - 2

Outstanding swimming ability helped Phu Bao Nghi win the title of Sports Beauty

Coming to swimming at the age of 4 to cure asthma, Bao Nghi showed his talent in this subject. She was selected for the swimming team of an international school to compete and won 10 medals, including 4 gold medals. The most memorable achievement of Bao Nghi is a 50m frog HCV at Fobisia – a regional competition for students of the British International School Association of Asia.

Vo Thi Y Nhi (swimming)

Hue University’s Hoa Hui – Vo Thi Y Nhi attracted the attention of a swimming athlete in Thua Thien Hue province from the third year of high school. Phu Dong.

Outstanding sports beauties of Miss Vietnam 2020 - 3

Y Nhi has a height of 1m69 thanks to swimming practice since childhood

Thanks to swimming since middle school, the 21-year-old beauty has an impressive height of 1m69 and measurements of three rounds 84-65-94. Also because she is too passionate about swimming, Y Nhi has memories of her life when she almost drowned from cramps. Currently, besides swimming, Hue beauty also exercises regularly from 5 sessions / week.

Kim Tra My (gym and yoga)

Tra My shows enduring stamina in the fitness body on the beach to overcome many other candidates and entered the top 5 Sports Beauty 2020. American people born in 2000, Hanoi people have abundant physical resources This is thanks to his love of sports, especially yoga and the gym.

Outstanding sports beauties of Miss Vietnam 2020 - 4

Tra My’s skillful yoga skills

Tra My impresses with its ability to perform many yoga moves on a rope with high difficulty. Besides, she caused a “fever” in the Miss Vietnam pageant this year with the story of losing 6 kg thanks to the gym to participate in the most prestigious beauty contest in the country. Currently, Tra My maintains a regular practice of 3 yoga sessions, 3 gym sessions in a week.

Bui Bich Diep (Kickboxing)

To have a standard body to participate in the contest Miss Vietnam 2020, international student Bui Bich Diep came to Kickboxing and accidentally fell in love with this martial art. Thanks to the practice, the 23-year-old beauty quickly lost 5 kg to have the desired measurement.

Outstanding sports beauties of Miss Vietnam 2020 - 6

Bich Diep loves Kickboxing

Bich Diep’s most memorable memory is the first day of “initiation” when she threw the right to punch her own teacher by mistake. Currently, she maintains regular training 3 sessions / week. Besides, she also practiced swimming. After leaving the contest Miss Vietnam 2020, Bich Diep also attracted attention when she entered the top 5 Miss Vietnam Tourism 2020.

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