Our day care center in Munich is broken: parents are desperate

Munich – In THIS daycare center in Trudering, it looks like a construction site! Support beams prevent the dilapidated roof from collapsing.

The water damage in the roof of the municipal daycare center with after-school care center has been around for a year and a half. The damage was temporarily patched.

Steel struts have been supporting the ceiling of the daycare center since water damagePhoto: Theo Klein

But now the city has informed the parents: At the end of October the 100 children have to get out.


“It was a huge shock for us parents,” complains Tim Faber (40) from the parents’ council. He finds it particularly frightening: “We only know that the day care center has to close because we checked with the city ourselves.”

The roof: ailing ...

The roof: ailing …Photo: Theo Klein

In a letter from January 26th, which BILD received, Mayor Dieter Reiter (62, SPD) announced that the daycare center had to close on October 31st due to static problems. Reiter: “We are currently working intensively on an alternative accommodation option.”

It does guarantee that all parents get a childcare place for their children. He does not propose a specific solution.

The ceiling is supported with steel girders and wooden beams

The ceiling is supported with steel girders and wooden beamsPhoto: Theo Klein

The parents feel left alone. Sabrina Le Flem (38) is the mother of four children (3, 4, 6 and 9) and works full-time. She complains: “My confidence has deteriorated extremely.”

The mother of two Sabrina Meyer (32) also has little confidence. She says: “More and more young families are moving to Trudering.

She doubts that there are still free places in daycare centers in the area.


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