Ostholstein: Vibrionen infection – man dies from killer germs in the Baltic Sea

In Ostholstein, an elderly person died after being infected with Vibrionen.

The district administration announced on Thursday that the person probably went swimming in the Baltic Sea despite an open wound and chronic previous illnesses. On July 27, she died in the hospital.

According to the Ministry of Health in Kiel, it was the first case of infection reported in Schleswig-Holstein this year.

Like the Ostholstein district administration, the ministry reminded of precautionary measures:

▶ ︎ At higher temperatures it can be assumed that the bacterium Vibrio vulnificus occurs in the Baltic Sea.

▶ ︎ Elderly people with an open wound, who have a weak immune system or whose immune system is weakened due to previous illnesses, could be particularly at risk.

▶ ︎ People with open or poorly healing wounds should not expose them to contact with warm sea water, it said.

Vibrios can cause severe wound infections, symptoms include severe local pain, fever and chills. The infections are usually treated with antibiotics.


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