Order boom for smoking virologists: everyone is turning Drosten

Seiffen (Saxony) – It was an idea out of necessity. But now the smoking virologist is making the Ore Mountains and his resourceful toy maker Tino Günther (58) world famous!

In November, the man from Seiffen designed a smoker with a smoking curly hair, a white coat and a face mask – whose appearance is reminiscent of Germany’s chief virologist Christian Drosten (48, Charité).

Toy maker Tino Günther (58) shows his smoking virologist (price: 80 euros), which is sent all over the world

Photo: Dirk Sukow

After BILD reported on the production of Räucher Drosten, Günther couldn’t save himself from ordering!

Günther: “For the pilot series, we were still thinking about 15 units. It’s all manual work. ”But when the ordering virus broke out, Günther’s head was smoking. How should he do it all?

“We already have more than 5,000 orders that we will process into the summer. Everyone gets their smoking virologist, ”he promises.

Teaser picture

Nadine Brückner (30) usually works in the Seiffen toy museum: “But since that is closed, I accept the orders for the smokers.”

Photo: Picxell

“We had delivered 120 pieces by Christmas. But orders by mail, phone, and Facebook just don’t stop there. In addition to Germany, they also come from Austria, Switzerland, Holland and the USA, ”says Günther.

Because he can no longer make the wooden man from 30 individual parts in his small family business alone, local companies and many Seiffeners who were slowed down by the lockdown help him.

Teaser picture

Hotel director Michael Bock (44) had to close the Seiffen hotel “Wettiner Höhe” due to Corona. Now the feet of the smoking virologist drilled.

Photo: Picxell

For example, hotel director Michael Bock (44) sits at the Günther drill instead of at the reception: “The main thing is that I can do something – even for a minimum wage.”

And hairdresser Mandy Partzsch-Stephani (51) carefully packs the finished virologist into boxes.

Teaser picture

Hairdresser Mandy Partzsch-Stephani (51) is now wrapping the curly virologist instead of curls: “I don’t like sitting around. The offer was just right. “

Photo: Picxell

Financially, the idea saved the toy maker from the messed up Christmas business: “Now I’m even looking for a toy maker and a permanent apprentice!”


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