Opponents of vaccination supported: doctor allegedly issued false certificates | Regional

Heilbronn / Steinheim an der Murr – The Heilbronn public prosecutor is investigating a doctor from Steinheim an der Murr (Ludwigsburg district), who is said to have issued false health certificates to opponents of vaccination.

A spokeswoman for the prosecution said on Wednesday, among other things, about the “suspicion of issuing incorrect health certificates” in connection with certificates of inability to vaccinate.

The doctor’s practice and private rooms had been searched. She did not want to comment on whether and which evidence was seized. According to her, there have been several criminal charges against the man. No further information was given with reference to the ongoing investigation. The “Stuttgarter Nachrichten” reported first.

According to the public prosecutor’s office, the ZDF magazine “Frontal21” had previously reported on such a boycott of mandatory vaccinations in June. The accused doctor could not be reached at first.


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