Oppenweiler, Baden-Württemberg: 14-year-olds hit by Zug – dead!

Tragic accident in Baden-Württemberg!

In Oppenweiler near Aalen on Tuesday evening a train caught a 14-year-old girl crossing the railroad tracks and fatally injured. The girl died at the scene of the accident, as the police announced in Aalen on Tuesday.

The 14-year-old had previously wanted to cross the train tracks with an 11-year-old girl. The presumed reason: they wanted to save a little way. The police suspect that.

Both girls ran across the tracks one after the other when a regional express raced up.

According to the information, the 14-year-old was shocked when she saw the train. Then she wanted to turn around.

The 45-year-old train driver saw the girl and even made an emergency stop. Unfortunately, however, he could no longer prevent the collision.

The girl’s parents and the train driver were looked after by a police crisis intervention team. The train traffic was interrupted for hours.


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