Opening of the 31st SEA Games: Vietnam leads the medal rankings, anxiously awaiting the opening of the festival

(Sports news, SEA Games news 31) All attention today will be on the opening ceremony of the 31st SEA Games taking place at 8pm on May 12 (Hanoi time) at My Dinh National Stadium (Stadium). , Hanoi.

The Vietnamese delegation overcame Malaysia on the 31st SEA Games medal table, taking first place

With the strength from diving, for 3 consecutive days, the Malaysian sports delegation has won regularly (2 gold medals per day) to rise to the top of the medal table (from May 8 to 10). But on May 10, when Kurash appeared, the host team Vietnam won all 4 gold medals/4 sets of medals of this competition, thereby shortening the gap with Malaysia.

Opening of the 31st SEA Games: Vietnam leads the medal rankings, anxiously waiting for the opening - 1

Vietnam is temporarily leading the medal table at the 31st SEA Games

On May 11, competitions that were expected to bring gold to Vietnam such as Pencak Silat, Kurash, and beach handball brought home 6 more gold medals. At the milestone of 10 gold medals, Vietnam officially surpassed Malaysia to temporarily lead the medal table, this is a meaningful gift that the Vietnamese sports delegation gave to home fans before the opening ceremony.

On May 11th, not only Vietnam had good results, Malaysia had 2 more gold medals, 4 other delegations including Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore and Thailand also “opened” the 31st SEA Games gold medal. It can be said after the opening ceremony. At the opening ceremony, the SEA Games really entered the most intense and intense competition days.

Each athlete has to work hard for years to wait to shine, win the highest medal at the Southeast Asian Games, and hope to have many sports record milestones broken at the SEA Games. thirty first.

According to the organizers, on May 12, the SEA Games will not compete so that athletes and training boards of sports delegations prepare for the opening ceremony.

SEA Games opening ceremony and things to look forward to

At each sporting event, in addition to competitions between athletes, the audience is also interested in the opening and closing ceremonies. It is a place where the host country can introduce the country, its people, connect, inspire, and spread the best values ​​to friends in the region and the world.

Opening of the 31st SEA Games: Vietnam leads the medal rankings, anxiously waiting for the opening - 3

Lotus dance, one of the performances that will appear at the opening ceremony

The opening ceremony of the 31st SEA Games with the theme Let’s shine – Let’s shine (also the title of the official song of the 31st SEA Games) is the aspiration to show the inner strength in the similarities and differences of the Southeast Asian cultures. ASIAN; calling for solidarity and sharing to create a sustainable community in the context that the world is facing great changes and challenges.

The opening program will take place with a parade, raising the Vietnamese flag and celebrating the National Anthem, raising the flag of Southeast Asia and the 31st SEA Games. choose to hold the flag. After the opening ceremony, 11 athletes will carry the torch and light the 31st SEA Games torch station.

The opening ceremony will contribute to exuding the best images of an attractive, friendly and hospitable Vietnam, along with other ASEAN countries that shine and become stronger after the COVID-19 pandemic through 3 parts. Shows. Part 1: “Friendly Vietnam”. Part 2: “Strong Southeast Asia”. Part 3: “The Shining Southeast Asia”.

Swordsman Vu Thanh An will take an oath on behalf of athletes participating in the 31st SEA Games in the opening ceremony. When the 31st SEA Games flame was lit, it was time for the song “Let’s shine” to play, next to the appearance of the Sao La mascot, dubbed the “Asian Unicorn”. The moment the fireworks were launched then marked the 31st Southeast Asian Games officially started.


(Sports news, SEA Games news 31) Young diving athlete Nguyen Tung Duong had two situations where he performed a forgettable move at SEA Games 31.

According to the National Assembly (Ho Chi Minh City Tourism Magazine)


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