Open registration for 2,000 free running tickets for children in Hue

Parents can register children 6-10 years old to participate in the free Kun Marathon held in Hue city from 4pm this afternoon, March 4.

Kun Marathon Hue started accepting applications from 16 pm this afternoon. Parents who are residents of Thua Thien – Hue, neighboring provinces, athletes participating in the VM Hue 2022 run or traveling families can visit here to register immediately for their children. There are 2,000 tickets to be released in this batch. The organizers will stop accepting registrations when the number is full.

Children participate in the Kun Marathon in Hue 2020. Photo: VM

Kun Marathon is a running race exclusively for children aged 6-10 years old, taking place on April 9, before the VnExpress Marathon Imperial Hue 2022. Joining the running event, the children get completely free tickets and receive a set. racekit includes a T-shirt, hat and Bib in a cloth bag. The children will take turns to go through challenges that promote movement and experience, promoting the spirit of practice.

Austria and Bib have their own designs, divided by age to match their running capacity. Completing the race, they all receive medals and items. Particularly, children with good results in runs have the opportunity to receive valuable prizes. The organizers also arrange a separate photo-check-in area for young runners.

A child overcomes the challenge of the sea of ​​balloons.  Photo: VM

A child overcomes the challenge of the sea of ​​balloons. Photo: VM

Previously, the times that took place in Hanoi, Hue, Quy Nhon, the Kun Marathon children’s race became an exciting festival. Children in colorful costumes crossed elaborately arranged obstacles. All children who complete the course will receive medals and items for the winner.

Children and parents appreciate this as a fun activity, creating a new playground. The running track helps children confidently look forward to the next challenges in the journey of growing up.

Kun Marathon is an opportunity for the family to rest and travel together in Hue. Parents can participate in the 5-42km runs, while the kids still have short motor challenges. Sign up to join here.

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