OnlyFans: Ava Grace used to be homeless, now she is a millionaire

At 16, she had no permanent place of residence and had to sleep on the couch with friends. Now Ava Grace (29) has bought a house for the equivalent of 300,000 euros.

Your secret of success: nude photos and videos! The woman from Great Britain claims that she earned more than one million euros in just one year.

The single mother has been with OnlyFans since. With the portal, users can support stars and starlets financially on a monthly basis. In return, they get exclusive access to often pornographic content.

Today Ava Grace can afford vacations for more than 15,000 eurosPhoto: ava_grace_69 / Instagram

What sounds like easy money is hard work, according to Ava Grace. She says she works 18 hours a day for her followers.

“You can’t just send a video and expect people to buy it. You have to interact with your fans. “

And so the British woman gets up at 5 a.m. to pound the lucrative US market due to the time difference. From 7 p.m., the people on the island ring in the evening, who also want to be looked after. In the meantime, Ava Grace is taking her pictures and videos.

The 29-year-old is a single mother with a five-year-old daughter

The 29-year-old is a single mother with a five-year-old daughterPhoto: ava_grace_69 / Instagram

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Wrong: For videos according to customer requirements, users pay 100 US dollars – PER MINUTE! It goes without saying that the 29-year-old says: “Selling nude content on the Internet has completely turned my life upside down.”

The self-declared millionaire, who has already graced the cover of the men’s magazine “Playboy”, had a difficult childhood. “I never had a family. My father was never there, I had no siblings. And when I was a teenager, my mother left the country to work elsewhere. “

At 16, Ava Grace, whose real name is very different, was homeless. “I always had to fight.”

Until her career as an erotic model, the British woman got by with poorly paid odd jobs. Now the mother of a five-year-old daughter is taking vacations worth more than 15,000 euros.

In the future, Ava Grace plans to invest her money in real estate and set up a renovation company. “I want a big empire,” says the OnlyFans millionaire.


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