One and a half years later it is clear: the dead speeder was really that fast

Luttach (Italy) – Will the drunk driver from South Tyrol get away with a mild sentence?

A year and a half ago, Stefan L. (28) was drunk and raced into a group of German ski tourists in his Audi TT, killing seven young people and injuring ten others. Now his driving speed is finally certain!

Speed ​​lower than previously assumed

During a night reconstruction a year ago, expert Luigi Cipriani determined that Stefan L. had driven at 90 km / h. According to the Italian news agency ANSA, the evidence preservation proceedings concluded on Thursday at the Bolzano Regional Court even only resulted in a final speed of 60 km / h – this was recorded by the sports car’s control unit when it hit a mound of earth.

The accessory prosecution representatives had pleaded before examining magistrate Emilio Schönsberg for a significantly higher 110 km / h, but did not prevail. The defenders of Stefan L., who has been under house arrest in the Novacella monastery near Brixen since the end of January 2020, also won points on other points: In a new evidence preservation procedure, the alcoholism of the German victims and their behavior on the street is now to be checked.

The destroyed Audi TT by Stefan L.Photo: Carabinieri Bolzano

The sentence could be reduced

Co-prosecution attorney Markus Wenter (61) to BILD: “If the victims can be assigned partial guilt, the sentence can be reduced.” The defense claims that not all injured parties used the mandatory zebra stripes to get off the après-ski bus -Klub “Hexenkessel” to get to their pension.

50 km / h are allowed at the accident site in Luttach

50 km / h are allowed at the accident site in LuttachPhoto: Joerg Voelkerling

Stefan L.’s blood sample is again in focus: after his arrest on the morning of January 5, he was measured at 1.97 per mille. He is said to have gotten drunk out of lovesickness and then raced through the Ahrntal in this state. The defense lawyers collect exculpatory evidence to significantly reduce an impending prison sentence of 18 years for “omicido stradale” (street murder).

A trial date has still not been set.


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