On the plane: pair of police officers overwhelms mob passenger

He mobbed around above the clouds – but had done the bill without a couple of police officers who were on the plane. They arrested the cabin riot without further ado. Austrian media report on this.

Accordingly, the couple not named was on their way to vacation last Wednesday. The law enforcement officers flew from Frankfurt am Main to Vancouver, Canada (according to other sources, to Toronto). It happened around two hours after take-off: the passenger rumbled off and made loud threats. It is not known whether it was about a mask dispute.

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After consulting with the crew, the Austrian officers intervened and brought de Wüterich to the ground with the help of police “operational techniques”. Then the “unruly passenger” (that is, a passenger who becomes aggressive towards on-board passengers or staff) was fixed and monitored for the rest of the time until landing. Local authorities met the man on Canadian soil.

The Austrian Minister of the Interior praised the two police officers from Lower Austria. Gerhard Karner (ÖVP) said: “I am proud of our two servants, their intervention was courageous, intelligent and courageous.”

The Austrian Air Marshal Service, which is provided by officers from the Cobra Task Force (comparable to the German GSG9), praised the police couple’s intervention. Since safety is the top priority in aviation, overpowering the man was the right decision, a senior official is quoted as saying.

Lufthansa confirmed that there was an incident with a passenger on a flight to Canada on December 29th. The airline thanked the police officers for their intervention.


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