On the financial markets, an incredible but not inexplicable 2020 balance sheet

The continuing health crisis does not worry the financial markets too much. If we had explained that the Black swan of the century (the unpredictable event with immeasurable consequences theorized by the statistician Nassim Nicholas Taleb) would lead to an increase in certain indices and many values, no one would have thought. And yet, this is what we have seen for almost a year. How was such a miracle possible?

The answer lies in a simple observation: the universality of the crisis has led central banks to pour out money in all its forms, flooding the markets and fueling the buying fever. At the end of 2020, only the euro zone (Euro Stoxx: -6.34%) and the oil market (-19.92%) show negative performances.

But if the CAC 40 lost 8.11%, we would like to remind you here that we advised you in March on proven investments: Air Liquide + 25%, Eutelsat + 7.9%, Microwave + 56%, Saint -Gobain + 74%, Total + 13%, Vinci + 18%, Vivendi + 51% …

Why the stock markets

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