On the A40 near Bochum: Man (78) drove over 10 km as the wrong-way driver

Bochum – That nobody was injured in this action borders on a miracle! A 78-year-old drove more than ten kilometers in the wrong direction on Autobahn 40. Fortunately, there were no injuries, as the police announced on Sunday.

The man was on the A40 in North Rhine-Westphalia on Friday evening. He drove in the direction of Bochum – but on the road in the direction of Venlo. Several frightened road users alerted the police.

By chance, a police officer was also on the A40 in his free time. “The officer drove parallel to the wrong-way driver, on the right lane. He was always able to use his cell phone to tell where he is at the moment, “the officers described the dramatic minutes.

At a junction in Bochum, the police finally set up a complete block. That ended the ghost ride. Criminal proceedings are now underway against the man.


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