On strike, the refiners of Grandpuits fuel Total’s “false ecological communication”

“Total affirms its desire to transform into a multi-energy company to meet the double challenge of energy transition: more energy, less emissions”, boasted Patrick Pouyanné, the CEO of the French oil giant, this Tuesday, February 9 during the presentation of results in the red. In passing, he announced his plan to change the name of the group to “TotalEnergies”. ” Greenwashing! », Retorted a hundred employees of the site of Grandpuits (Seine-et-Marne), came to demonstrate in front of the glittering headquarters of Total in La Défense.

“By fighting for you, you are fighting for us”: when Frédéric Lordon goes to support the Total strikers in Grandpuits

They got up at dawn for a mass departure and a first coffee together on the site of this oil stronghold inaugurated in 1966 by Georges Pompidou, before hitting the road. We now speak of “the Grandpuits”, after 45 days of strike, as we call those who mark the history of the workers, the Dunlops, the Wirlpools or the Conti, the Lips in their time – men and women who stood up to them. the manner of the textile workers of Turin in 1905 in the film “the comrades” of Moncelli (1963). Among the Grandpuits, some wear coarse orange canvas jackets with “Total” in black letters on the back, others are in overalls, others still in civilian clothes under masks and woolen caps.

“Total plays the green for its image”

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