“On boarding”, a summer tale with rhomere accents

On board ***

by Guillaume Brac

French film, 1 h 35

One summer night, on the banks of the Seine, Félix meets Alma, a sparkling redhead, with whom he spends the night in a public garden. In the early morning, the beauty slips away like a fairytale princess to join her family in Drôme. The impulsive Felix has only one idea in mind: to run and find her. Encouraged by the old lady he takes care of, the young home help borrows camping equipment from his city’s leisure center and heads south with his childhood friend, the gentle Chérif, employed in a mini-market.

The amazed gaze of the two “galley slaves”, discovering the beauty of the hilly landscapes and the sweetness of holiday living, largely contributes to the solar charm of this film, which has won a fine harvest of prizes at festivals (1). Director Guillaume Brac tenderly watches over his characters. If they are never reduced to their condition of young people from the suburbs.

A beautiful friendship

As soon as they leave Paris, the two young blacks have to face the hostility of their carpooling companion, Édouard, a mum’s son who is a little stuck. This tense climate will not get better with the accident which will block the three boys at the campsite, while waiting for the car to be repaired.

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From this improbable meeting will be born a beautiful friendship and this is indeed the magic ofAT boarding, carried by a troupe of formidable beginner actors (students at the National Conservatory of Dramatic Art in Paris): ensure that beyond social, cultural or political differences, older adolescents ultimately share the same aspirations, make friends, have a good time and find love time for a summer getaway.


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