On a sex date! – Accountant sets boss on fire

She owed her boss money and went on a sex date. In truth, however, she is said to have planned a deadly inferno.

Accountant Andrea H. (43) has had to answer to the district court of Heidelberg (Baden-Württemberg) since this week. The allegations: infidelity and attempted murder – in combination with arson, bodily harm and property damage!

The business administration graduate was in financial difficulties when she reached into her company’s coffers for the first time in July 2020. Her boss caught her. According to the “Rhein-Neckar-Zeitung”, he threatened to withhold their wages, according to Andrea H. But the matter could also be solved differently. Then they had sex for the first time.

In October 2021, the accountant transferred another 5,000 euros from the company cash register to her account. Because of an “increasing dislike” for her boss and the fear of being caught again, the woman made her death plan. According to the indictment, she pretended to offer the manager a sexual massage.

On October 28, she brought a mattress to the office in Neidenstein (Ba.-Wü.). Andrea H. blindfolded her boss, who was naked down to his underpants, and tied his hands.

While he was awaiting the massage, the defendant set fire to laid out paper and blankets!

On a sex date!: Accountant sets boss on fire
Photo: BILD

When the boss smelled the smoke and felt the heat, he tried to free himself. According to the indictment, the accountant threw herself on him. Despite this, the victim was able to smother the flames, but suffered second-degree burns on her hands, knees and abdomen.

It was checked whether there was an “initial suspicion of a sexual offense or another criminal offense” against the boss, prosecutor Thomas Bischoff told BILD am Sonntag. However, there is “insufficient evidence” for this.

H. is currently in a psychiatric ward and could be less responsible. The trial is continuing and the verdict is expected at the end of May.


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