Olympic beauties show off hot photos as beautiful as fairies, racing beauty is shocked because of fans

(Sports news) Beautiful female skier who attended the Olympics and two times world champion Juliane Seyfarth and a close friend showed off her bold topless. Meanwhile, car racing beauty Renee Gracie has revealed a shocking truth after she switched to a “sensitive” new profession.

Olympic beauties and best friends show off “hot photos” as beautiful as fairies

Four months ago, at the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing (China), Juliane Seyfarth, a 32-year-old German female skier, once “melted” the hearts of many fans with her seductive beauty. me.

Olympic beauties show off

Juliane Seyfarth once caused a stir for many fans at the Winter Olympics in February this year in Beijing (China).

Recently, the beauty who won a double gold medal at the 2019 World Ski Championships drew attention with her best friend Aluna Makalii going topless and wearing only “tiny” lingerie when they created Photo pose in the lagoon of Crete (Greece).

Olympic beauties show off

The German ski beauty and her best friend Aluna Makalii go topless for a daring photo shoot in Crete

“Just me and my girl in this azure lagoon,” Juliane captioned the photo on her personal Instagram page, which has attracted more than 52,500 “Follows” of her. Last week, she posed boldly nude, stripped of her clothes and covered only by a flower.

The racing beauty switched to acting in adult films, “slammed” by public opinion

Renee Gracie used to be a promising female racer in the V8 Supercars car race. However, by 2019, the Australian beauty had soon retired and switched to acting as an “adult movie” actress. Renee even has an account on the “hot” website where she sells video clips and bold nude photos for millions of dollars to fans willing to spend money to buy them.

Olympic beauties show off

Renee Gracie revealed she has no way to return to the auto racing village due to being cursed by many antifans

However, the beauty born in 1995 once revealed that she wanted to return to the V8 Supercars car racing village but had to soon give up this dream when she was boycotted and even cursed by the fans of this sport. with horrible words.

“Early on, fans came up to me and they even said that they wish I was dead. They even told me that I should hang myself because I was so bad, that I should jump off a cliff because they thought I wasn’t good at anything else, even said I wasn’t good at racing. I had a beer can thrown at me.”

“People were making all sorts of comments when they passed me. Sexual harassment can throw a woman into an industry dominated by men. I’ve heard it before and now I’ve experienced it,” Renee bitterly confided in the Daily Star Sport.

Beautiful boxing woman in bikini shows off her beautiful figure to “listen” to fans

On her Instagram page, the talented German boxer Cheyenne Hanson has just posted a photo of her in a bikini with a leopard print bra and black panties that stand out when showing off her seductive figure in a garden. in Augsburg.

Olympic beauties show off

Beautiful female boxer Cheyenne Hanson poses in a bikini next to a garden in Augsburg

Along with that, this girl also posed a question to “listen” to the fans: “Isn’t it super?”. In response, many friends and fans of Cheyenne have not stopped complimenting the beautiful beauty of this 24-year-old female boxer.

Source: https://tcdulichtphcm.vn/the-thao/my-nhan-olympic-khoe-anh-nong-dep-nhu-tien-giang-tran-nguoi-de…

Shocked that the beauty was

(Sports news, behind-the-scenes news) The beauty was “grossed” while hosting a live televised event of the horse race.

According to Dang Duc (Synthesis) (Ho Chi Minh City Tourism Magazine)


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