Off Canada’s coast: fishing ship sank! 7 dead and 14 missing

Bad shipwreck in the Atlantic!

A Spanish fishing ship sank off the coast of Canada on Tuesday night – at least seven people are dead! According to the Spanish Ministry of Transport, rescue workers recovered the bodies.

▶︎ 14 people are still missing!

Three other people were found hypothermic on a life raft, said an official on Spanish radio. The life raft also contained the bodies of four crew members.

The bodies of three other crew members were later found in the water, said Lieutenant Captain Brian Owens of the Canadian Armed Forces. Two other lifeboats were discovered without occupants.

Owens continued: “The ship has not been found and we suspect that it has sunk.”

Spanish government fears more deaths

The intensive search for the missing persons was still in full swing on Tuesday evening German time. “We have hope that others are still alive,” Owens said.

The Spanish government is following the rescue operation “with concern,” Spanish government spokeswoman Isabel Rodríguez told journalists in Madrid. Spain’s Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez expressed his condolences and affection to the families of those affected.

The weather off Terranova Island for the search operation involving planes, helicopters and a Coast Guard ship was “challenging,” Lieutenant Captain Owens said. The visibility is low and the waves up to four meters high.

In addition, more than half a day has passed since the accident. Every minute the chances of the other crew members surviving are dwindling. The Spanish government spokeswoman said they feared numerous deaths.

María Ramallo, the mayor of Marín, the hometown of the shipwreck, made no secret of her hopelessness. She spoke of “a tragedy of a dimension that we cannot remember here”. “This is a very sad day for the whole region,” she said.

The cause of the accident was initially unclear, as announced by the Spanish Ministry of Transport. The ship had an “accident” and sent out a distress signal, said a representative of the Galician regional government.

The ship, named “Villa de Pitanxo”, was based in the port of Marín in Galicia and belongs to the fishing company Nores. According to the Spanish Sea Rescue Service, 16 of the 24 crew members were from Spain, five from Peru and three from Ghana.


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