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Since ancient times, pigeon meat is considered a superior product because of its rich nutritional value, which helps to nourish and improve health.

According to Oriental medicine, pigeon meat is average, sweet, and full of nutrients, which is very good for the elderly, children, pregnant women and people who have just woken up. Therefore, many delicious dishes from pigeons are always prioritized by housewives in the winter menu.

1. Lotus seed pigeon porridge

Porridge blooms like a flower, pigeon meat is naturally sweet and soft, lotus seeds and green beans are very attractive and harmonious. This dish is nutritious for people who have just woken up, physically weak, malnourished children and pregnant women.

Depending on taste, there are 2 ways to cook.

Method 1: Preliminarily processed and then cut into bite-sized pieces (or let the whole child) stew with rice, lotus seeds until the porridge expands, how much sweetness is absorbed in it.

Method 2: Filter the minced meat, stir-fry until fragrant and bold, the bones are stewed with porridge until soft. When serving, scoop the pigeon meat on top, sprinkle with laksa leaves, pepper and enjoy hot.

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2. Pigeon spring rolls

Dove spring rolls are delicious dishes in the traditional tray of Bat Trang pottery village in the past, used to advance the king. Quality pigeon spring rolls are each spring rolls with crispy golden outer shell, sweet inside with a very unique aftertaste from pigeons.

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To make delicious dove spring rolls, pay attention to the vegetables and fruits that have to be washed, drained, then preliminarily processed, marinated the pigeon meat first, when packed, mix the meat, vegetables and eggs, add a little cooking oil so that the spring rolls are not dry but still yummy. When wrapping, pay attention to the hand, because if it is too tight, the spring rolls will break when frying.

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3. Pigeon sticky rice

Soft, stretchy pigeon sticky rice mixed with fatty pigeon meat, fragrant and crispy fried onions is attractive at first sight.

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To have a delicious dove sticky rice dish, you should pay attention to choose the bird out according to the old people’s experience, “First the bird is out, the second she leaves the clog”. At this time, the griffin is about 15 days old, so the meat is soft, thick, sweet and full of nutrients.

After preliminary processing, the pigeons should be cooked, then filtered, minced, then marinated with a little spice, fried and hunted on high heat to keep the natural sweetness of the duck. After the first sticky rice is 80% cooked, add the pigeon meat and mix it with the second fire, then everything is very sweet and delicious.

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4. Pigeon stew with traditional medicine, wormwood

Pigeon stew with traditional Chinese medicine with simple ingredients but is considered as a tonic, increasing the body’s resistance in cold weather and fighting viruses. To change the taste, in addition to traditional medicine, you can stew pigeons with lotus seeds, tapioca root, coconut or fruit (pear, litchi)… all very good for health.

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