Nutifood shares difficulties with consumers

In order to share difficulties with consumers before the price “storm”, Nutifood accepted to reduce profits to subsidize 40% of Nutifood’s love for Vietnam colostrum for 6 months.

Under the impact of Covid-19, many families said they had used their savings due to their reduced income. After Tet, commodity prices also increased, putting the burden on people. According to data from the General Statistics Office, the consumer price index in Vietnam in March increased by 0.7% over the previous month, by 1.91% compared to December 2021 and by 2.41% over the same period last year. last year.

The statistics also show that, in 11 main groups of consumer goods and services, milk and dairy products tend to increase in price continuously. In January, dairy and cheese products increased by 0.08% compared to the previous; February the increase is 0.22%; in March, an increase of 0.24%. This makes already difficult families even more worried about the cost of nutrition for their children.

Consumers choose milk for their children at the Nutifood Nutrition House system. Image: Khai Phan

“I was forced to reduce the children’s milk ration, from two boxes each to one a day because the money still covers other essential household expenses,” said Le Huong Mai, living in Thuan An, Binh Duong. let me know.

Faced with the fact that people are forced to tighten their spending, including familiar items or even milk for their children, Nutifood decided to implement the program “Working together with mothers – Enough milk for children”, subsidizing 40% of products. Nutifood colostrum formula loves Vietnam for 6 months.

Launched in January this year, up to now, the program has brought to users nearly 1 million milk cartons. “The number of registered orders continues to increase every day, showing that the parents’ need for nutritional supplements for their children is very high,” a representative of the business shared.

A representative of Nutifood said that the business implemented the program in the context that it was also overcoming the consequences left by Covid-19. All stages from research, production, product delivery to consumers need great efforts.

“Covid-19 has brought many difficulties to every Vietnamese family and businesses, big or small. Nutifood is also inevitable, from disruptions in the supply chain to the increase in the cost of raw materials. , packaging, production, distribution system… all affect business performance, however, having accompanied the community to overcome stressful periods during the peak of the epidemic, we are more concerned than before. The reality is that many young children have their milk ration cut off due to a decrease in their parents’ income, so despite the difficulties, we still try to bring practical solutions to share the burden with Vietnamese mothers,” said Mr. Tran. Bao Minh, Vice Chairman of Nutifood’s Board of Directors said.

With a 40% discount on Nutifood products that love Vietnam, Nutifood sets the goal of sharing love above profits.  Photo: Khai Phan

With a 40% discount on Nutifood products that love Vietnam, Nutifood sets the goal of sharing love above profits. Photo: Khai Phan

Mr. Minh said that Nutifood loves Vietnam is a formula milk supplement with colostrum that is “measured and tailored” by nutrition experts at the Swedish Nutifood Nutrition Research Institute (NNRIS) according to the needs and health of children. Vietnamese children. This specially formulated product contains 25 essential nutrients, combined with colostrum, dubbed “golden milk” containing high levels of IgG antibodies to help children effectively strengthen their immune system. The product also supports children to strengthen their resistance (Vitamin A, zinc); weight gain, height gain (calcium, vitamin K2, vitamin D3); support brain development (Omega 3, Omega 6, vitamins B1, B6, B12).

“Supporting prices up to 40% will definitely affect the company’s profits, but we are still determined to do it to help the children develop well and be healthier during the epidemic season,” the business leader affirmed.

In order for the program to reach as many users as possible, Nutifood has actively cooperated with distributors nationwide, mass organizations, trade unions belonging to companies, export processing zones and industrial parks to deliver products to their doorsteps. customer hand. Products are also sold directly at preferential prices at the Nutifood Nutrition House store system or Nutifood’s online shopping page. The budget for the program “Together with mothers – Enough milk for children” is extracted entirely from the company’s profits by Nutifood.

Not only received the support of a large number of customers, the program also received the cooperation of distribution partners across the country. Ms. Vo Nhu Hao, a distributor in Ho Chi Minh City shared: “I am very happy to participate in this subsidy program because I want to join hands with Nutifood to bring milk to as many disadvantaged children as possible during this difficult time. “.

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