NRW Vice Stamp calls curfews “dangerous nonsense”

Cologne – The Deputy Prime Minister of North Rhine-Westphalia Joachim Stamp (50, FDP) has sharply criticized the new corona-related exit restrictions.

At a digital state party conference of the NRW-FDP, the Stamp spoke of “dangerous nonsense” in this context on Saturday in Cologne.

Deserted Reeperbahn in Hamburg: Since Saturday there has been a nationwide curfew in all cities and districts whose incidence value was over 100 three days in a row

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The NRW minister thanked the FDP parliamentary group for showing a “clear edge” with a constitutional complaint against a “shifting of the basic coordinates” of a free society. “We reject a placebo policy that curtails people’s basic rights with blanket curfews and will not achieve any success in combating pandemics,” said Stamp.

And further: “As free democrats, we do not rely on locking people up.” Instead, the FDP relies on contact restrictions, high vaccination speeds and many corona tests.

Corona resolutions of the federal emergency brake

Stamp is also calling for stricter entry controls to curb the spread of dangerous coronavirus variants. “I do not think it is justifiable if we do not carry out appropriate controls here and restrict or close daycare centers and schools on the other hand.”

In India, the infection numbers were just “going through the roof,” said Stamp. Nevertheless, nothing happens in Germany when it comes to entry controls. “I would like the alleged ‘Security Team’ of the CSU – in this case Mr Seehofer and Mr Scheuer – to take on this matter differently,” said Stamp with regard to the Federal Minister of the Interior and Transport.

The NRW family minister wanted to stand for re-election as party leader of the largest German FDP state association, which he has been leading since November 2017.


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