NRW: The scandal over right-wing police chats is spreading

Düsseldorf – The scandal surrounding right-wing extremist suspected cases at the North Rhine-Westphalian security authorities has spread again. Meanwhile, 173 suspected cases are being investigated, said Interior Minister Herbert Reul (68, CDU) on Thursday the interior committee of the state parliament.

Three weeks ago the number was 151 suspected cases. 155 of the 173 employees suspected of right-wing extremism are police officers.

As a consequence of the scandal, Reul had appointed Uwe Reichel-Offermann, Deputy Head of the Protection of the Constitution, as a special representative in the fight against right-wing extremism in the police. He wants to present a picture of the situation by next February and look for influencing factors.

The forbidden Horst Wessel song was discovered on confiscated data storage media at NRW police officers. This is the battle song of the SA and the later party anthem of the NSDAP. Spreading the piece is a criminal offense in Germany.

An official is said to have posted photos of Christmas tree balls with SS runes and “Sieg Heil” inscription. Another official had discovered photos with a swastika that had been laid out of service ammunition, Reul had reported three weeks ago.

Other officials can be seen on a video shouting the first verse of the Deutschlandlied. A police officer in uniform had himself photographed standing on two patrol cars showing the “Hitler salute”. Music files from indexed right-wing extremist bands had also been discovered.


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