NRW: Raid against money laundering gangs! Large-scale operation with special units

Ratingen – An extensive raid against a criminal money laundering gang has been going on in North Rhine-Westphalia since early Wednesday morning.

There are nationwide searches and the execution of three arrest warrants. According to the public prosecutor’s office in Cologne, the customs investigation office in Essen and the state criminal investigation office, special units are in action.

The message also stated that investigators from the joint financial investigation group of the State Criminal Police Office of North Rhine-Westphalia and the Essen customs investigation office were conducting investigations on behalf of the Cologne Public Prosecutor’s Office.

In total, 46 suspects are being investigated in a complex of proceedings on suspicion of money laundering in particularly serious cases.

According to BILD information, it is mainly about drug crime and the laundering of the illegal money earned with it.

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Together with officers from the Düsseldorf police headquarters and the Mettmann district police authority, 49 objects (including residential and business premises and warehouses) are searched.

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