NRW Interior Minister Reul on Corona patrol in Cologne: This is how we plan the holidays

Cologne – Here, the Minister of the Interior himself takes on mask-grouch!

Five years after the notorious New Year’s Eve in Cologne, the NRW police are preparing for an unprecedented deployment at the turn of the year with 4,800 workers. Interior Minister Herbert Reul (68, CDU) went on patrol with the Cologne police and public order office on Saturday evening to demonstrate determination before the holidays.

Within an hour and a half, the corona patrol caught 15 mask grouches – 50 euros fine per person! Passers-by drank alcohol twice in public and had to pay 100 euros each. Remarkable: Because they stood next to each other smoking and gathered with too many households, three young men had to pay a total of 600 euros.

Three controlled people had to pay 200 euros per person because they met even though they did not live together

Photo: Mario Jüngling

Not every passer-by knew the mask rules on Chlodwigplatz in Südstadt. “Then we would have to set up a forest of signs here, that won’t work,” said a city employee, Reul. The positive ministerial conclusion: “I think people are smarter than we sometimes think.”

With a view to the holidays, Reul said to BILD: “We will ensure that the rules are adhered to, otherwise rules are smoke and mirrors and the paper is not worth it.”

But, according to the minister: “The police will not ring the doorbell and break into private rooms. Public order offices and the police will only intervene if they notice something that is prohibited. “

Teaser picture

NRW Interior Minister Reul also addressed passers-by who were not wearing masks

Photo: Mario Jüngling

Reul sees his tough strategy as confirmed by the infection: “We have 31,000 reports today. That is a gigantic number and you have to act! “

Despite the general ban on gatherings, a ban on the sale of fireworks and a recently significantly enlarged firework ban mile in Cologne, the police are preparing for a busy New Year’s Eve, because from experience many do not keep to the roll calls.

The chief police director Martin Lotz (56) to BILD: “As the degree of alcoholism increases, the inhibitions decrease. With a view to New Year’s Eve, we will go for it again. Around 600 workers will be deployed because we do not know what to expect. We assume that there will be private parties and want to show greatness. “


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